Management and Intercultural Relations


ASPECT-MANAGEMENT AND INTERCULTURAL RELATIONS was established in 2010 to develop and promote innovation models and training concepts  in the field of Human Resources Development, Small Size Enterprises (SMEs); Vocational Education and Training, sustainable and strategic development, and corporate culture. 
We focus on bringing the words of training and work closer together and create strong connection between knowledge and learning economy frameworks. And encourage creativity and entrepreneurship throughout the learning process.


ASPECT-MIR assists SMEs, third sector and public sector in project development and management, monitoring of projects and programmes. Through our team of professionals we develop an expertise in different aspects in European policies and financial programmes by focusing on individual approaches
• Strategy for Sustainable Development
• Research and Analyses within organisations and sectors
• Social Entrepreneurship Development
• Entrepreneurship Development
• Volunteering and Third Sector Development
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
• Corporate Culture Development
• Education and Training programmes
• Cultural Heritage and Tourism Development
• Intercultural Relations
• Clusters and Networks Development
Fostering intersection between people, market and business, and technology and prepare employers, employees and educational organizations in the field for the future.

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