Management and Intercultural Relations

Learning programmes and researches

     We develop training concept and materials, in help of managers and other professionals to identify skills gaps and needs, identify future needs and ways to address them, methods to encourage collaboration and joint capacity-building. Our aim is to increase motivation for learning by designing programmes and attractive training materials and adjust human resource training in agreement with the needs of people development and the needs of the organization. We support adults for flexible and continuous personal development and take measures to prevent them from giving up their studies.

Capacity building

    Business innovation and personal development

     Our mission is to encourage and support the process of business innovation toward a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in a variety of fields of entrepreneurship, human resources development, corporate strategy, tourism and intercultural relations. We manage small and medium sized companies and organisations through strategic and long term partnerships development. We provide an entrepreneurship approach to increase the competitiveness and  generate innovative and reliable outcomes; minimizing the negative impacts on society and  maximizing positive and creative contribution to local economies and the quality of life.

Establishing synergy
University business cooperation
European countries will no longer be able to compete on cost and price, but need to produce higher quality products and services and create partnership with sector partners, companies, small and medium sized companies, education providers and labour market participants. Our aim is to bring the words of training and work closer together and create strong connection between knowledge and learning economy frameworks and interest in clusters and networks as a means of industrial organization and governance.

Project management

Offering a competitive advantage with support of highly professional team and ever-expanding pool of associated experts who work hands-on to help companies solve strategic issues for projects, build professional relationships among related stakeholders (companies, public administrations) to create synergies among professionals and to make business and build new one. We service primarily small and medium sized companies and organizations and assists them on organizational and operational projects by monitoring (project management) the resources and financial means to implement them.

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